About Us

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Corporate History

MP Optical Communications inc. was incorporated in September 1999, as a joint venture with Methode Electronics Inc. (Listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange) and Photonic Marketing Corporation, a Rhode Island company, to design and manufacture optical products in China. Originally planning to produce optical transceivers, prevailing market conditions dictated a new path; fiber optic cable assembly. Indeed, MP Optical was a market pioneer; the first such company in China.

Methode Electronics soon spun off its optical products division as Stratos Lightwave in May 2000 by combining most of the optical product units of Methode Electronics Inc as a new entity, which assumed Methode Electronics’ interest in MP Optical. By 2004, Methode Electronics and its successor Stratos Lightwave divested their interest in MP, which became an independent firm.

Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries, on every continent.
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Our Capabilities

With the evolution of the internet and the emergence of social networks and big data, MP Optical Communications has remained at the forefront of industry demand. From FC and ST, to SC and LC, to MPOs and MTPs, MP Optical Communications has kept pace with the data explosion.

Since MP's establishment, the company has conformed to ISO 9001 Quality Insurance standards, and is currently certified as compliant with ISO 9001:2008 by TUV Nord. Additionally, all products are RoHS compliant. Further,  MP Optical Communications is recognized as a leading Chinese sourcing and QC facility by our long term OEM customers in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Additional services offered include sourcing services, qualification testing, packing, storage, international routing, RMA handling, drop shipping and additional boutique services

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What We Do

Today, MP Optical Communications (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells optical products for a wide range of applications; from high density data center solutions, to FTTP and FTTH. With a full range of fiber optic connectors and years of market experience, we can supply an end to end solution for all your passive fiber networking needs. From OEM contract manufacture to private label to generic products, MP Optical Communications can help your business do what it does best. 

MP Optical also engages in the sale and trade of connectors, adapters, cable management products, and passive optical components.  

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Our People

With dedicated customer service professionals, we strive to provide world class service to our customers. More importantly, MP Optical Communications core asset is our experienced production team, with our leading technicians having over 15 years’ experience on our floor.